Rundale Palace

The Rundale Palace is a must see sight in the Baltics as this gorgeous place gives the best example of beautiful Rococo and Baroque architecture. This 138 room, 18th century, baroque-designed palace was designed by the Italian-Russian architect Rastrelli (who also constructed the Winter Palace in St. Peterburg), and built for the Dukes of Courland in what is now Southern Latvia. In early 2015, restoration was announced to be complete and it is sure a sight to see.  Before taking a tour of the interior of this beautiful building, spend some time exploring the Palace Garden.  The 10-hectare French gardens were inspired by the gardens at Versailles. More a living piece of art than a simple garden, the Palace Gardens includes an impressive rose garden, a green amphitheater, and fountains. If you visit during the summer, aim to align your visit with the Garden festival held on the grounds.
Inside the Rundale Palace you can see firsthand the beautifully restored rooms and halls. Marvel at the White Room’s ornate ceiling depicting the four seasons and the engravings and initials on the walls from bored soldiers when the White Hall was turned into a field hospital during WWI. Be sure to also look at the Gold Room and Marble Room. The western wing of the palace includes the restored Duchess’ Bedroom with the attached Toilette Room and its playful colors and painting of a salmon.
The Palace also works as a museum to Latvia’s rich history by showcasing collections of art and historical exhibitions. The palace museum also hosts musical festivals and classical music recitals.