Trans-Siberian Railway

The Railway connects Moscow to the Pacific Ocean at the Eastern Russian city of Vladivostok 9,289 kilometers away and includes connecting branches into Mongolia or China. There are several routes to choose from and is the longest train journey in the world that will take you from Moscow to Ulan-Bator, the Trans-Manchurian Route from Moscow through Mongolia to Beijing. This journey, 7 days to Beijing, offers plenty of time for relaxation and refection as you travel through diverse country and experience the vastness firsthand. Spend the time onboard to make new friends and take a side journey on the Baikal-Amur Mainline to visit the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal. Spend some time here hiking around the clear water and amazing surrounding mountains or if you visit in the winter, strap on some cross country skis and ski along the frozen surface or why not even try to get on a snowmobile? Take a shot of vodka to relax and try a Siberian Dog Sledding tour with the sweetest and coolest huskies in the world! There are other great activities such as Siberian trek, a Circum Baikal picnic, Taltsy wooden museum and Port Baikal Excursion if calmer experiences attract you more. Whichever activity you choose, this is the most fascinating way to experience Russia, Mongolia and China.