Explore Belarus and Ukraine

  • May - September
  • 7/6
  • Cultural Adventure

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This one-week tour brings you to atypical travel destinations of Europe – Belarus and Ukraine. It is a fascinating blend of experiences perfect for curious travelers. We will start in Belarus from getting to know the rural Belarussian culture, admiring astonishing medieval castles, UNESCO Heritage sites and learning about the resistance during World War 2 while visiting some outstanding monuments and museums.

We continue to Ukraine to discover Kiev – a hidden gem of Eastern Europe and its most intriguing site – an ancient underground monastery of caves with large labyrinths lined with mummified monks. The real culmination of this tour will be a day spent in the place of the largest nuclear disaster – in Chernobyl area. It is a truly unique experience for adventure travelers when you can see the abandoned “dead town” of Pripyat and take a tour back in time to USSR.

Destinations: Belarus
Tour highlights: Minsk

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Destinations: Belarus
Tour highlights: Minsk