If you are looking for a different way to spend your winter vacation then you have just found it!
It is a perfect holiday to stay active and immerse yourself in a wild landscape while interacting with husky dogs – intelligent, friendly and born to run! You will learn about these amazing dogs, how to put trust in them and earning their friendship in return. It is an unforgettable sensation of being in control of your own dog sled while admiring stunning views of sparkling frozen lakes and forests… being at one with pristine northern nature and having fun with the cute and joyful dogs. (RM)

We offer dog sledding tours Finland.
Finland is a well-known winter holiday destination with a good reputation, developed tourism facilities and a diversity of winter activities. Here you can experience a real Arctic adventure in Lapland or choose another region, e.g. more easily accessible but still adventurous Vuokatti ski resort with a family-friendly concept and a big variety of thrilling winter activities.

The vast territory of Russia boasts numerous possibilities for winter adventures and we have chosen one of the most exciting regions for our dog sledding tours – the Republic of Karelia, situated north of Saint-Petersburg. It is one of the least travelled European corners with pristine forests and lakes. In Karelia we cooperate with a husky dog center with over 400 eager huskies looked after by an expert team of mushers. Here you can discover the scenic landscape of Northern Russia while sledding along a large network of trails by the Finish-Russian border. Moreover, Karelia`s proximity to cultural sights makes it even more attractive, e.g. visits to the fascinating Kizhi Island (UNESCO World Heritage Sight) and one of the most magnificent cities in the world – Saint-Petersburg will definitely add value to your winter adventure.

On every dog sledding tour you will:
• Get a sled with 4 or 5 dogs in the team who run an average speed of 10-15 km per hour.
• Be debriefed about sledding specifics and how to stay in control of your dog team by an experienced musher.
• Have a competent musher who will be guiding your group during the whole tour
• Cover daily distances of 15 – 40 km.
• Have half- or full-day winter activities other than dog sledding, e.g. snowmobiles rental, skiing, ice-fishing, visit of a rain-deer farm, etc.
• Enjoy a mix of winter and cultural adventures by visiting the most exciting sites of the destination.

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