Walking / Hiking / Trekking

Walking is an ultimate way of spending your holiday while being active and slow moving at the same time. No other way of moving allows you more flexibility to meet locals, stop and make thousands of photos and immerse yourself in the environment as walking. Join us as we explore secret trails in amazing places – best experienced on foot. (RM)

All our adventure tours share the same concept – “Every tour offers something for everyone”. Whether you are young or not so young, travelling alone or with family, active or super fit… our adventure trekking tours offer a lot of autonomy and can be adapted for you.
We work with small groups and use a flexible and active approach when designing itineraries.

Usually our tours have the following guidelines:
• Informative meeting with the guide and all group members at the beginning of the tour to provide you with maps, introduce the route in detail, listen to specific wishes, set expectations and offer optional activities. Special focus is put on the customization and satisfaction of individual needs of every adventure traveller. This informal meeting of all group members helps to establish a friendly and joyful atmosphere for the whole trip.
• Daily morning meetings with the guide to introduce the route for the day, be advised on the best place to stop for refreshments and snacks, points of interest and other ideas to make every day special.
• Each day the travellers and guide agree on meeting points and the route and thus they are free to choose how to spend their day: bike on their own or to join other group members. Guides have the autonomy to cater to each traveller’s interest and make unscheduled stops or detours to ensure a personalized experience every day.
• If suddenly you don’t feel like walking anymore, there is always the option to use the bus accompanying the group and enjoy the rest of the day by admiring landscapes from the window.
• Many of our tours include two-night stays, which gives you a chance to rest your legs and explore the place on your own.
• Daily walks of 10-15 km. There is often an option of shorter or longer distances.
• Walking routes include special paths in the most picturesque parts of national parks, countryside or charming little villages and towns
• Half- or full-day activities other than walking to make sure that you will not miss the best what this destination can offer, i.e. concerts, culinary and gourmet activities or excursions to explore highlights of the trip.

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