Multi Activity Adventure

Are you looking for different experiences and challenges every day of your holiday? Does your perfect holiday idea look like enjoying different activities and sports in one thrilling trip? If you agree that the more diverse impressions the better, then our multi-activity tours are just right for you! Discover the Baltic States or Scandinavia through an ultimate mix of cycling, walking, climbing, kayaking, sailing, dog sledding, quad biking and many other options.
Every place you visit can bring you a different experience depending on the way you choose to discover it. So, it is our job as local experts to suggest the best way to appreciate every place you visit. (RM)

What about cycling on a picturesque trail along dunes, beach and pine forest on the Curonian Spit (Lithuania)? Or walking in a mossy forest and on mysterious paths going above a vast swamp area in Lahemaa National Park (Estonia)? Enjoyable canoeing below sandy cliffs and caves in Gauja River (Latvia)? What about discovering the real soul of Lithuania by cycling through ancient villages where time has stopped and babushkas are still living in wooden houses just like it was hundred of years ago? Are you fascinated by exploring a wildness of unspoilt forest in Finish Lapland by dog sledding?
These and many other unforgettable experiences are waiting for you in our multi-activity adventures when you will experience more than you ever could on your ordinary holiday.

These tours are arranged in a similar way to other adventure tours and follow the same principles and safety requirements as our cycling, walking, dog sledding and other types of adventures.

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