What makes Adventure holiday special in Finland?

In the very north where Nokia was born, sauna is praised as a lifesaver, and skiing is a ritual, you will find that there is more to Finland than just cold weathers and fantastic ski resorts. If you love adventures in the nature then Finland is a destination for you. Experience the incredible aurora borealis while going on a dog sled, take a hike through gorgeous forests to discover the gorgeous Finnish wildlife or try out the world famous ski slopes after visiting Santa clause in his hometown.

1) Winter Activities

Let Finland’s winter wonderland amaze you! There are only a few places on this earth where winter is as magical as it is in Finland. In the very north of Finland in northern Lapland, you have the opportunity to witness the spectacular aurora borealis (northern lights) that create amazing, colourful dancing light displays that needs to be on everybody’s “Things to see before you die” list. On a clear night, escape light pollution and head to rural, unpopulated areas for the best chance of witnessing this remarkable light performance.

Finland offers a wide range of winter activities. You can optimize the aurora borealis experience with our offered dog sledding tours through Finland’s snow covered wilderness. Enjoy a thrilling experience of gliding behind a team of dogs through Lapland. Sit on the fine sleds and manage your own team of dogs by yourself while they take you onto an authentic journey you will never forget. You can also dash on a more comfortable speed through the snow on a wooden sleigh with Finland’s many reindeers. This is a great opportunity to take in this natural scenery and spot other wildlife. If you were looking into physical winter activities then snowmobiles, skiing and snowboarding are among some of the greatest winter activities in Finland. Depending on your level, you can choose from small resorts closer to cities or larger resorts further north in Lapland and no matter what you choose they suit everybody’s needs.

2) Lapland and Santa Claus

Visit Lapland in north of Finland to get the real winter wonderland experience. Why not seeing the great Santa Clause in his hometown Rovianemi above the Nordic circle to learn about his journeys and lifestyle? It’s an amusing adventure for both kids and adults. While you’re in Lapland, take the opportunity to try out some of the great various ski resorts that offer adrenaline enthusiasts everything from black slopes to children’s parks to cross-country skiing! Take in the scenery cruising around on the slopes and enjoy the white wilderness of Lapland.

3) Wild nature and clean lakes

Escape the hustle and bustle to one of the thousands enchanting lakes in Finland such as Saimaa and Inari. Finland is known as The Land of a Thousand Lakes, which is an understatement considering there are about 18000 lakes. Enjoy these lakes with some fun activities such as cycling, trekking, boating, canoeing, kayaking, barbecuing, or swimming. We highly recommend all of the fantastic long cycling routes around the lakes with great observation points for those who appreciate scenic countryside. Otherwise put on your hiking boots and go trekking where the lakes can offer you beautiful shorelines that treat you to breath taking sights of misty and rural lakes.

4) Turku archipelago

The Turku Archipelago is one of Finland’s most scenic natural wonders with 20000 islands that stretch out into the sea from Finland’s oldest city Turku.

The Turku Archipelago trails is a delightfully long loop winding some 250 km through the archipelago where you can get from one island to another by crossing bridges, on-board road ferries and inter-island ships.

Since the islands have the some of the best cycling routes in the whole country, we recommend exploring the islands with a bike. Begin the route from the historic Turku with its medieval castle, cathedrals and riverside paths to the islands of Houtslär and Iniö. Inhale the nature by staying on campgrounds or try out the many bed & breakfasts, holiday villages, or even hotels. The Archipelago trail offers a wide variety of services including restaurants, cafés, shops between visiting old village churches and local museums along with some even larger attractions.

5) Developed network of cycling and walking routes

If hiking, backpacking and trail running excite you then we have some thrilling options to suggest you. Nuuksio and Sipoonkorpi National Park are within an hour driving distance from Helsinki and are both offer beautiful trails that excite any nature enthusiast. Both of these national parks offer forests, valleys, lakes and campgrounds to stay a couple nights as some of these trails can be enjoyed over two days.

Finland is also a cycling nation with a countrywide network of 72 marked national cycle routes and numerous other local that cross the country. Two of the major cycle routes with marked signs are: Via Finlandi (596 km) and Kings Road (253 km), which are mainly famous for their accurate maps, beautiful lakes and beaches. Cycling is an option to really explore the beauty of Finland’s flora and fauna, and the diversity in the nature first hand.


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