What makes Adventure holiday special in Sweden?

Sweden has a small population but yet it’s a country of innovative people and strong culture. Let us welcome you to the country of sustainability, innovation, fika, Pippi Longstocking, IKEA, H&M and ABBA. Immerse yourself in the beautiful frozen lands, rocky islands, and huge forests as you explore the great culture and wildlife either on bikes, boats or even on a canoe. The Swedish metropolitan cities can offer you great cultural sights while you can experience nature with cycle tours through forests or the archipelagos. If you plan on visiting Sweden in winter you might try one of the great skiing resorts further north of Stockholm or do some very Swedish traditions such as bringing a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee as you ice skate on of the many frozen lakes.

1) Sailing nation

Rent a sailboat in Sweden and experience the best Swedish summer holidays by navigating the thousands of islands and islets that make up the unique and picturesque archipelago. From major cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg, with its unique location on the waterfront, the sea stacks and Viking History on Gotland and fishing villages steeped Åland’s tradition –each sailing area offers its distinctive charm and provides unforgettable memories. If you sail around Stockholm’s archipelago, make sure to admire the historic waterway, unique architecture and vibrant culture around the centre of Stockholm. If you are around the west side, then explore the cozy fishing villages and enjoy fresh seafood on the salty rocks of Gothenburg’s archipelago just like in the old Viking times.

2) Developed network of cycling routes

Sweden has a huge, well developed and maintained network of cycling routes all throughout the county. From a 220km long route through the picturesque Värmland to extreme mountain bike trails through the winter sports resort turned mountain bike playground area of Åre, there are more than enough trails to occupy any type of cyclist. For those interested in long distance touring, Sweden has a wonderful Right of Public access law that allows you to cycle cross country and on private roads and allows you to camp for a night or two in the country sides (provided you don’t disturb others, of course).

3) Canoeing and kayaking

Sweden has a wide variety of options for canoeing and kayaking and can offer genuine wilderness experiences. With rivers cutting through ravines in Lapland to canoeing along the province on Sweden’s longest river the Klara River before flowing into Vänern –one of Europe’s largest lakes. Bohuslänskusten, which is famous for its succulent and fresh seafood, lies next to a sea kayaking paradise of islands, islets and skerries with plenty of small fishing villages. For the ones looking for peace and quiet the many islands of the Fjällbacka Archipelago, an hour from Gothenburg, can offer you a paddling leisure time with no disturbance. The islands lack shipping boats and are therefore quite uninhabited. Take the opportunity to camp on one of these islands and cruise through the archipelago as the wind gives you breaks from paddling.

4) Eco tourism

Sweden’s eco-tourism goal is to protect nature by taking into account the destination’s ecological limits and to contribute to sustainable development in the area frequently by ensuring the locals’ wellbeing. Swedes are often responsible people that enjoy their non-labelled clean tap water, purchasing organically produced food labelled with KRAV labels, and taking advantage of the law Allemansrätt (the right of public access) meaning people can roam the countryside as long as they leave it the way they found it. Our tours help to discover Swedish pristine nature and eco-tourism possibilities by staying clean and respectful to help in making Sweden able to provide a clean and green environment with beautiful wildlife that everybody can take part of. The development of Swedish rural areas and practicing sustainable tourism makes the Swedish nature experiences beyond the ordinary.

5) Archipelagos

Sweden’s coastline takes you onto windswept rocks, smooth cliffs and refreshing swims. Have a drink at sunset to the sound of lapping water. Whether you are looking for lively taverns with sea views or a tranquil outdoor experience, Sweden’s archipelagos in all parts of the country have at least one island (probably hundreds) for you. While the archipelagos in the north offers natural beauty and unique cultural heritage, the islands on the east coast are more populated and rocky, and have pretty bathing spots and accommodations.

The Stockholm archipelago, that is the largest one of them all, consists of about 30,000 islands, islets and rocks, from Arholma in the north to Öja in the South. It’s easy to get to the archipelago with boats that leave Stockholm very often so you can experience the great activities all year round. Try out hovercrafts in winter, go for a kayak tour in the heart of Roslagen, or balance yourself on a stand up paddle board (SUP) in both spring and summer times.

6) Stockholm

The capital of Sweden and the Nordic region’s most populous urban area is clean and green, and the sea and the pretty colours of the houses give the city character. Let this lively city take you through wonder as you get to experience vibrant nightclubs, beautiful nature, amusing activities in the water and a rich history. Let us guide you through the history of Stockholm, show you ancient buildings in the old town, cathedrals and castles. For all of you culture lovers, you cannot leave Stockholm before visiting the well-known museums such as Vasa, Skansen, The City Hall, and the Abba museum. Stockholm can offer you anything you like from rooftop hiking to ice skating on frozen lakes inside and outside the city centre, to excursions through Stockholm’s archipelago. This city has almost anything you could ask for which makes it a must see destination for cultural adventures.


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