Family Adventure

If you believe that family holidays should be a lot of fun, have educational aspects, offer a variety of thrilling kid-friendly activities which your family will remember for a long time, then Baltic Blues family adventures are for you. Our tours introduce the fascinating cultures of the Baltic States and Scandinavia to your kids and you, encourage them appreciate diversity of the world and get to know themselves better, raise self-confidence and satisfy kids’ curiosity. (RM)

Our family tours offer a combination of multi-activity and cultural adventure tours in a kid-friendly way:
• Shorter routes and less time-consuming activities focused on active participation and entertainment for children.
• Visits of museums, zoos, water parks that would be interesting for the whole family
• Meals and accommodation at children-friendly restaurants and hotels.
• A good mixture of different activities that every family member can enjoy: what about a cooking lesson at a local restaurant belonging to a unique ethnic minority? Or a walk along the Baltic Sea to pick up amber on a beach? Or visiting a gold-smith workshop and trying to make your own jewellery from a piece of amber? Draw your own pattern on a hand-made Matrioshka (the Russian doll)? Making your own chocolate? Cycling, walking, horse riding, canoeing, rafting, dog sledding – these and plenty other activities can make your family holiday a truly memorable experience.
• However no matter what activity is offered, the safety of all your family members is our primarily concern. Every part of the tour is analyzed to ensure that you and your kids will have a joyful, safe and worry-free holiday.

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