10 Reasons to choose USMeet our team.

1. We are Local Enthusiasts

Who else will know their region well enough and be passionate about its beauty as local experts? Active and adventure travel is an important part of our life styles and we spend our lives exploring the destination, discovering its hidden treasures and always thinking about how to make your holiday experience more authentic and exciting to make sure you will fall in love with the Baltic States, Scandinavia or Russia after you have travelled with us.

2. We Sell only what we Have Tried and Loved ourselves

It is not enough just to know the destination, but truly believe that we offer the best possible option for you! So, our job is about leaving the office, getting into the field and trying all the exciting activities with our friends, family or colleagues. We are also constantly improving and upgrading our trips based on our own new discoveries as well as feedback from travellers and guides.

3. Superb Tour Leaders

We choose only charismatic, flexible and knowledge guides. People who will encourage you to step off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the experience, will help you to connect with the local people, get to know their culture and discover the beauty of nature. All our guides are passionate about the countries, trails and activities; they are great story-tellers, who are trained to bring joy and excitement to your holiday. We believe that in adventure travel it is important to select those guides who will create a “my kind of people” feeling that will inspire travellers to get outside their comfort zone, take a full advantage of their holiday and have once in a lifetime experience.

4. Authentic experience

Every tour is focused on exploring and immersing oneself into the culture and nature and encouraging contact with local people. We accommodate our clients in charming local hotels rather than international hotel chains, as the money spent is usually re-invested in the economy. Our meals include traditional food at family-run restaurants where locals eat and restaurant owners offer their “specialties” to the guests. Our itineraries bring travellers to the places where mass tourists won’t go, e.g. small villages, provincial towns, national parks or farms where people are more hospitable and eager to speak with travelers; where you can stop to taste home-made cheese, bread or honey and have a glass of beer with locals in some charming country-side tavern.

5. Transformational travel experience

Each itinerary is carefully designed to offer a subtle blend of exploration of the culture, the immense power of adventure and nature to broad your horizons and foster personal development. We understand that adventure to one traveller may seem routine to another. So, our itineraries offer a lot of freedom and flexibility for all travelers that encourages them to push own comfort limits and ensures truly unforgettable and transformational holiday experience.

6. Smart itineraries

All of our tours stir travellers’ imagination and emphasize outdoor adventure, culture and history, beautiful scenery and physical activity. On every trip travellers enjoy an ultimate mix of authentic places far away from mass tourism as well as the “must-see” sights.

7. Flexible and Active Approach

No matter what trip you choose – small groups or self-drive tours, there is always a focus on independence, flexibility and active exploration. Often guides provide travellers with maps, explain the route for the day, map meeting points and later everyone is free to choose how to move from one place to another. If you don’t ride or walk as a group, you don’t have to worry about “keeping up” or wait for those who are slower. In many cases you can make as many stops as possible, choose to spend more time in one place and less in another, meet local people, stop for refreshments and enjoy the trip at your own pace.

8. Customization is the Key

Our tours are tailor-made based on expectations prior to the trip. Our task is to anticipate the needs of different clients to be sure that out of all possible itineraries and activities we will offer the ultimate experience. We understand how important it is to provide freedom for independent adventure travellers, so our guides inform travellers about available options during the tour and leave space for improvisation and a sense of adventure to any travel experience!

9. Quality and Reliability

We are aware that holidays are limited to a short time with a lot of expectations whereas tourists rarely give a second change. Therefore every aspect of our tours is carefully analyzed aiming to fulfill or even exceed customer’s expectation. We deal only with excellent suppliers and equipment, hotels and restaurants with the best reputation, competent guides, perfectly maintained top quality bikes, comfortable coaches … every touch-point (just name it!) is taken into consideration. If however something goes wrong, then 24/7 support is available and our competent staff will be there for you.

10. Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

Baltic Blues Adventure is a member of Adventure Travel Trade Association that is a global network of organizations dedicated to promoting sustainable adventure travel worldwide. Being one of its members we share its values and strive to be a responsible and sustainable business.