Responsible travel

At Baltic Blues we are aware that the travel industry challenges the local environment and the entire ecosystem of the planet. Our ambition is to minimize this impact in our business

Charity and projects

Charity project “Beaver Ben Camps”

In 2016, Baltic Blues House started organizing summer camps for socially disadvantaged children in the most beautiful natural park of Lithuania, the Curonian Spit. In these camps children raise awareness about ecological problems and get involved in various activities that take care of the pristine beach and forest of the Curonian Spit. This is done to bring more joy into the life of orphans and children living in poverty and to help reduce the harmful impact of mass tourism on the fragile environment of the Curonian Spit.

In 2016-2018 Baltic Blues has organized summer 5 camps for 87 kids.


Our staff participation in environment protection

Every year our staff volunteers to spend one weekend cleaning natural parks in Lithuania. We help to plant trees, improve our rivers’ shores, and collect rubbish left on the beach, dunes and forest.

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Responsible travel on tour

Offsetting carbon emissions: most of our groups travel by bus. To decrease the air pollution, we choose to work with transport companies offering newer, energy-efficient vehicles. From the clients’ comfort point of view, there is always a wish to have certain amount of empty seats in the bus, which also means using larger buses consuming more petrol. However, we look for compromise by optimizing group sizes and offering vehicles consuming less fuel.

Benefiting the local community: we employ local tour guides, prefer accommodating our guests at local hotels rather than in international chain hotels, offer locally produced food and in general support the travelers’ interest in the local cultures.

Reducing waste: we encourage travelers to avoid disposable plastic and to recycle. We recommend going off the beaten track, getting extraordinary travel experiences in the pristine nature and leaving it untouched afterwards.


Recycling and energy saving in the office

We are strict about recycling in the office. We have installed special garbage bins to sort our plastic, paper, glass and organic waste. We challenge our staff old habits and encourage them to reduce printing and minimize all forms of waste. For example, our staff members are encouraged to drink filtered coffee from reusable coffee cups instead of using the coffee-machines with non-recyclable capsules.

In 2017 we have moved to a new office and made certain improvements of our new working environment.  First of all, we have installed energy saving air-conditioning and lightning systems. Moreover, special water filters are used to supply our stuff with a good drinking water form the tab and minimize use of the plastic bottles at the office.

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