With its laid back vibe, sun-dappled islands (archipelago), cobble streets and buzzy cafés, Gothenburg has developed to become a metropolitan city of urban distractions with all the bars, vintage boutiques, and cafés. For those of you up for a Swedish “fika” (meaning taking a coffee or cake break) then you should visit Haga to try the biggest cinnamon bun in the world in Café Husaren or just enjoy the small antique shops and cafés in this sweet and hipster neighborhood.  If you are looking for some thrilling entertainment then you have to visit Liseberg –Sweden’s best amusement park with 41 different rides for all ages. Spend a full day there, enjoy the rides, food and get a chance to win a giant 2 kg package of Marabou chocolate if you are lucky. While in Gothenburg, don’t miss out on Southern Gothenburg Archipelago. The beautiful sun-kissed islands are close from the inner city and can be accessible with tram, bus and ferry on the same ticket. If you go there on a warmer day, bring your swimsuit and swim in the fresh and clean water, have something to eat and walk around to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast then Gothenburg can offer some fun activities such as biking with roots and rocks to scenic routes with beautiful views, paddling on the glittering rivers and lakes in the region of Dalsland or rent yourself a canoe at Delsjön in the east of Gothenburg to explore both lakes; Stora and Lilla Delsjön and the surrounding forest. While located by the water you have to indulge yourself in one of the delicious fresh fish meals that Gothenburg’s lovely restaurants can offer.