Gotland used to be the central hub in the Baltic Sea during the Viking Age and is a place of exciting encounters, between land and sea, where the present meets the past and where you can still witness medieval buildings such as the city wall.

World heritage Visby is an obvious point on the to-do list, both as an attraction in itself but also as a backdrop to the bustling street life.  It is perhaps best known for St. Mary’s Cathedral –a place of worship and a cultural treasure from the late 1100s. With the sea as its neighbor, the conditions are always good for water activities. You can paddle a canoe along the coast and go ashore where you want. For the ones daring a bit more, Gotland offers wind and kite surfing all year round. Even wave surfing is possible! For the ones into cycling, get on the Gotland trail, a bike bath from Fårö in the north to Hobursgubben in the south to discover the nature, the historical remains and the wonderful countryside.