The cozy small town of Hanko lies on the southern-most tip of continental Finland and is a summer paradise by the sea where nearly half of the population also speaks Swedish. Located 130 kilometers southwest of Helsinki it can be reached by car easily in a day trip or for the more adventurous readers we recommend cycling to Hanko along the old King’s Road. Journey along the picturesque shoreline on a 163km cycle ride to Hanko while viewing a diverse history of castles, museums and idyllic nature. Upon arriving to the small seaside town be sure set aside some time to relax at the sea. With 30km of beaches to explore you can easily find your own spot to enjoy a sunset or take a walk along the Tulliniemi nature path. Before continuing on to explore Finland, take a stroll through the town center to wander through antique, craft and vintage shops mixed among cozy cafes.

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