Lapland is located above the Arctic Circle and comprises one third of Finland. If you are looking for an ageless Nordic experience this is the place to go to. Experience this unique nature, diverse activities and fascinating attractions throughout the year. Only this high up in the northern hemisphere, where Utsjoki is located, the sun doesn’t set for nearly 70 days. The Finnish people celebrate the midnight sun and equinox with special events and film festivals. Summer time is also a great time to go hiking in the middle of Ruska, quad biking, river boating along Finland’s largest river Kemijoki and fishing in one of the many lakes. Even though winters are extremely dark and cold, this is an exceptional time to see the aurora borealis or go dog sledding. Enjoy a unique and timeless way of exploring beautiful forests and wilderness when a team of dogs drag you through open fields of snow and nature. You will most likely spot a few reindeers along the way as they tend to stick around. If you fancy a skiing vacation then there are plenty of options for you no matter your level. You can choose from small resorts such as Luosto or Saariselkä or larger resorts like Levi and Suomu for more advanced levels. Take in the scenery cruising around on the slopes and enjoy the white wilderness of Lapland.