This is the multi-cultural city of Sweden and the best way to get around this city is by bike. Rent a bike for 120 sek/day from Cykelkliniken and start off your days with a coffee from Lilla Kafferosteriet or breakfast from one of the many cute cafés by Möllevångstorget. Continue onto West Harbour to see the impressive Turning Torso and fancy modern architecture. There is a continuous cycle path to Ribersborgsstrander where you could choose to take a bath at the traditional Kallbadhuset (cold bath) and relax in a sauna with a great view of the Öresundsbridge. There are a number of relaxing parks with small lakes and canals going through them. You can also rent a paddle board to paddle the canals in the town center to see the city from below. If shopping is on your agenda then you should take a stroll on the pedestrian street going from Stortorget down to Triangeln where you will see at least three H&Ms but also other smaller boutiques, where you can get both a cheaper and more expensive shopping experience.

When the sun settles on a Friday or Saturday, join the Malmö citizens for a drink at Mellow Yellow on Lilla Torg or at Nyhavn on Möllevångstorget. There are also plenty of restaurants if you would like to finish the night with a meal.