Saaremaa Island

Imagine an island with a mild climate, year-round hiking with clearly marked trails to acquaint with the wildlife and to enjoy the peace and silence of this pretty island. If this sounds like something you would enjoy then get to Kuressaare town, the capital island that offers numerous of wonderful sights for you to enjoy your stay. Immerse yourself in the nature by biking, walking or even driving and see the medieval castle and Koguva village, an ancient villages that will take you back in time. Ever wondered how a meteorite crater looks like? Here is your chance to actually see one. Kaali meteorite crater is a must see and if you like geology then have a look at the museum that gives more information about it. If you are tired after an active day then Kuressaare SPA hotels can offer you great spa and wellness treatments that will give you all the relaxation you need.
Embrace the diverse and deserted coastal nature of this island and go on the popular trail Harilaiu trail (11-13 km) that will take you to the famous 26m Kiipsaare lighthouse located in the sea in the Harilaid Peninsula. If cycling is something you would enjoy more then Saaremaa is an ideal training place for road racers where you don’t have to worry about being bothered by heavy traffic or too many people. The roads are of pretty good quality and there are 20 km of cycle track for biking around in the vicinity of Kuressaare.
As Saaremaa is an untouched island with hardly any industrial buildings, the unique old time settling has left its tracks on the customs, songs and costumes of its people. You can also still see stone fences and houses with thatched roofs, and post windmills in the villages. Don’t forget to try the delicious famous local home-brewed beer and dark rye bread that symbolize Saaremaa.

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