Swedish Lapland and Ice Hotel

Discover Sweden’s Lapland – A world heritage site that bears traces of the Earth’s early history and mankind. Lapland is exceptionally rich on both the tangible and intangible heritage that shows how the Sami’s have preserved and sustained the concept of nomadism where people have migrated with reindeer between different foraging areas. You are very likely to observe reindeer in their purest wilderness.

While being up there, take part in some of the coolest winter activities Sweden’s Lapland could offer. Drive a snow mobile or go dog sledding around the snow covered fields, enjoy the landscape and see the aurora borealis while cross country skiing. A must is to see the world’s first and greatest ice hotel made by ice and snow, located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasjärvi. For over 20 years, the hotel’s unique architecture is being built from scratch each year which makes it different for year by year. The hotel exists only between December and April, since everything melts away and returns the water to the Torne River when spring arrives. So, come and witness one of Sweden’s seven wonders that is for certainty a once in a lifetime experience.

If you are more of a creative kind then you can create something memorable such as drinking glass, carved statues or a lavish chandelier of ice from the natural and solid ice. Fancy a drink? Go and visit the coolest drink bar. The Absolute Icebar was initiated by Absolute Vodka and serves vodka served in glasses made of the ice from the Torne River. Where else can you do that?