Family Adventure in the Baltic States

  • May - October
  • 10 days/9 nights
  • Family Adventure

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These 10 days of quality family time with an excellent mix of cultural exploration, educational activities and sports. Be ready for exciting excursions and active time together, like cycling, kayaking and walking. All activities are kid-friendly with short trails, diverse experiences and a lot of fun together. During this holiday you will:

* Go to the Vilnius Cathedral’s underground catacombs and discover the biggest treasure of Lithuania.

* Take a sculpture lesson from professional artists of the Latvian Academy of Art.

* Cycle along a picturesque lake with a medieval castle, beach and pine forest in the best seaside resorts of the Baltic region.

* Visit a secret underground Soviet bunker and learn about the history of the Cold War.

* Kayak in the best water trail in the Latvian nature park, often called of the “Baltic Switzerland”.

* Step into mysterious medieval dungeons and discover 9 legends and 900 years of the history of Tallinn.

* Get on a train and go underground to explore the recently rediscovered tunnel systems built in the 17th century.

* Visit the outstanding ethnic minority, the Karaims, and learn how to cook their traditional pie.

Destinations: Latvia Lithuania Estonia

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Destinations: Latvia Lithuania Estonia

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