Baltic Archipelago Adventures

  • May - September
  • 11 days/10 nights
  • 146 km
  • 22 km
  • 21 km
  • Multi Activity Adventure

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This holiday is a perfect mix of nature and cultural sights with a special focus on the beauty of the Baltic archipelagos – the serene nature of the thousands of islands in the Turku and Stockholm archipelagos. Experience a variety of ways to stay active, explore and have fun during the tour – by cycling, walking and kayaking.


* Cycling in the Turku archipelago to immerse yourself in a tranquil atmosphere of the ever-changing views of sea and land;

* Hiking and kayaking from a different side the of the Baltic Sea in the Stockholm archipelago;

* Cycling tours of the two Scandinavian capitals – green Helsinki and sophisticated Stockholm;

* Hiking in a seaside landscape park of the Hanko peninsula with thousands of migrating birds;

* Evening kayaking tour in the “Venice of the North” to see Stockholm from a different angle;

* See charming provincial towns – the fairy tale-like Rauma, the seaside resort Naantali and Turku, the former Finish capital.

Destinations: Finland Sweden

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Destinations: Finland Sweden