Gauja National Park

This is a place for families and history lovers as more than 500 cultural and historical monuments can be found here; hill forts, stone castles, churches, watermills and windmills. We also offer a great amount of really fun tours such as the free fall stimulator that will let you fly above the forest in a vertical wind tunnel with the help from a fan that blasts out an air stream of ca. 180-200 km/h.  A team of professionals will take good care of you as fly just like super man in Latvia. If the free fall is a bit too extreme to you then bring your kids to the Adventure Park where you can choose among adrenaline filled activities such as high ropes where you as a family have to work as a team to complete challenges high up in the trees. Why not doing the toboggan track or the gigantic swing something the kids will love. Otherwise, improve your climbing skills and get a spider man feeling as you do the wall climbing. The adventure park has plenty of activities to choose from and is one of the best adventure places Latvia has to offer for families.
If you would like to get on a very unique extremely that gives an adrenaline rush you will never forget then you have to try bobsledding in Sigulda, the training track of Latvia’s Olympic team. Depending of the time of the year, you can either try summer bob (on wheels) or a soft (on ice) one. The speed goes all the way up to 120km/h, and even though you might feel scared you have experts keeping a good eye on you.
For the days you want to keep your adrenaline high, then spend a day rafting or kayaking on the Gauja River where the journey begins in the forest and takes you around to witness the beautiful Turaida Castle from the river, and pass by waterfalls and rapids so stunning you don’t want to blink.

The route continues through a splendid forest to Cesis with its charismatic medieval old town and castle. Visit the Cesis Castle to take and become a. You can also see great medieval battles between knights of the castle and then take your chance to become a true knight or lady from the Middle Ages by taking in archery or forging classes. After watching the battles you can test your skills in foot soldiers pike, walking on stilts or spear throwing.
Pay a visit to the extremely hilly Sigulda also known for Switzerland of Latvia located on the banks of the river Gauja, to explore Turaida.  The Turaida Castle is one of the most gorgeous monuments in the Turaida Museum Reserve with a stunning 360 degree panoramic view of the Sigulda area, its landscape gardens and sculptures that will just take your breathe away. The castle itself has been left some original parts while others are renovated. Visit Turaida Church one of the oldest wooden churches built in 1750, and the graveyard next to the church where Mija Roze’s (an ill-fated beauty known as the “Rose of Turaida” and the subject of a romantic folk story) grave is located.

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